Us vs Them - Brio Ice Cream
Brio Ice Cream is a nutritionally complete, balanced and delicious snack, dessert or nutritional shake alternative.We've given ice cream a healthy makeover! Introducing Brio...a new way to look at ice cream. Creamy, smooth and delicious -- and nutritionally smart. Just 160-170 calories, half the fat, 65 percent less saturated fat,* rich in calcium and antioxidants No artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners Certified gluten free. Non GMO. And low glycemic! Smart, satisfying and nourishing snack, dessert or nutritional shake replacement.
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Side by side cups

Brio vs. Super Premium Brands


Compare Brio to other super premium ice cream brands, and you’ll find that Brio is equally rich, creamy, and satisfying.


This didn’t happen by chance. Since the beginning, we’ve been driven to create a premium pint that’s so smooth and delicious, you’d never guess it was also better for you. By partnering with a team of former Ben & Jerry’s flavor developers, along with expert nutritionists, we were able to produce an ice cream with premium style satisfaction that’s uniquely smart.


Enjoy Brio and forget the regret: Brio has half the fat, 20% less sugar, and 40% fewer calories than other super premium brands. With 6g protein, probiotics and omega 3s, Brio is a nutrition powerhouse. Plus Brio is non-GMO, contains no artificial growth hormones and is certified gluten-free.


Brio vs. Ultra Low-Calorie Ice Creams


Sure, there are products in the ice cream aisle that offer fewer calories than Brio. But after a few bites of those other brands, you’ll realize that these diet ice creams are gummy, grainy or watery. In comparison, Brio scores high on deliciousness, richness, and creaminess.

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Diet ice creams might brag that you can “eat the whole pint” and get just 320 calories. But if you look carefully, you’ll find that eating the entire pint will also give you a whopping 28g of sugar, 160 mg of cholesterol, 440 mg of sodium, 60g of carbs and 20g of sugar alcohols.

Nutritionists point out that your body doesn’t recognize sugar alcohol as food and it doesn’t deliver energy, which might cause you to overeat. For some, especially children, sugar alcohols cause digestive issues.


In contrast, Brio’s rich, creaminess provides the satisfaction you want with just a half cup serving. With a serving of Brio, you get just 155 calories, 14g of added sugar (and 4g of naturally occurring sugar from the lactose in our organic whole milk), 20mg of cholesterol, 80mg of sodium, 19g of carbs and absolutely no sugar alcohol.


That last point is important. There is no erythritol or other sugar alcohols in Brio, and no monk fruit or stevia. Instead, Brio is thoughtfully sweetened with our patented blend of natural sweeteners, including organic dried cane syrup, pure non-corn non-GMO fructose, and organic agave nectar.


If you’ve read about the importance of healthy fats for brain and heart health, you’ll be happy to know that Brio has 149mg of Omega 3s and 3000mg of Omega 9.


There are additional benefits with Brio. You get 250 million CFUs of probiotics in every serving to support gut health.


You also benefit from 6g of quality protein and key nutrients, including calcium, magnesium, Vitamin D and antioxidants (Vitamins A, C and E).


Brio also has less air whipped into it, which adds to its creaminess. A half cup of serving of Brio weighs 90g. Compare that to other brands and you’ll find that the same serving size weighs less, which means they contain more air and offer less satisfaction.


This is unparalleled, smart, and satisfying nutrition, and you can’t find it anywhere else in the ice cream aisle.