Healthy Holiday Hacks with Brio - Brio Ice Cream
Brio Ice Cream is a nutritionally complete, balanced and delicious snack, dessert or nutritional shake alternative.We've given ice cream a healthy makeover! Introducing Brio...a new way to look at ice cream. Creamy, smooth and delicious -- and nutritionally smart. Just 160-170 calories, half the fat, 65 percent less saturated fat,* rich in calcium and antioxidants No artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners Certified gluten free. Non GMO. And low glycemic! Smart, satisfying and nourishing snack, dessert or nutritional shake replacement.
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Healthy Holiday Hacks with Brio

14 Dec Healthy Holiday Hacks with Brio

During the whirlwind of the holidays, it’s all too easy to miss a few necessities at the grocery store or run out of some basics, especially if you’re entertaining or feeding a crowd.

Got Brio in your freezer? This rich, creamy ice cream treat is more than a satisfying dessert or snack; it’s also the star in these helpful holiday hacks:

1. Coffee Creamer Replacement
Out of cream and coffee creamer? Turn an uh-oh into a gourmet occasion by substituting scoops of healthy Brio ice cream in your coffee. Brio’s Vanilla Caramel and Madagascar Vanilla add creaminess and the mellow, rich flavor of real vanilla. Brio’s Dark Chocolate turns ordinary coffee into a creamy mocha masterpiece. For coffee-holics, a scoop of Brio Cafe Latte doubles the java pleasure.

2. Better Than Whipped Cream 
Ready to serve pie or cake and there’s no whipped cream to be found? Break out Brio Madagascar Vanilla – the most amazing tasting healthy ice cream choice ever! A rich, creamy scoop has much less saturated fat than whipped cream, and it’s non-GMO, certified gluten free, offers 5 grams of protein and antioxidant-richness.

3. Special Christmas Breakfast
You stayed up to the wee hours wrapping presents and were up before dawn thanks to the excited kids in your household. Need a fuss-free but special holiday morning breakfast? Bring out an array of Brio’s healthy ice cream flavors and set up a “toppings bar” with a variety of cereals, nuts, dried fruit and fresh fruit. Or simply put a scoop on frozen waffles, with a garnish of mint and strawberries (or cranberries) for Christmas colors. Having ice cream for breakfast is what great holiday memories are made of! (You don’t have to tell them it’s healthy; and with Brio’s rich, creamy taste, they’ll never guess it’s good for them.)

4. Holiday After-Dinner Drink
Need a grand finale to an exceptional holiday dinner? Bring out your glass coffee cups, then place 2 small scoops of Brio (Cafe Latte, Dark Chocolate, Vanilla Caramel or Madagascar Vanilla) in each one. Pour in a shot of espresso or 3 tablespoons of strong brewed coffee. Sprinkle with dark chocolate chips or chopped hazelnuts.

5. Hot Cocoa and Ice Cream 
What’s better (and healthier) than hot cocoa and whipped cream? Hot cocoa and Brio ice cream. Kids of all ages love it. Sprinkle on some cinnamon or dark chocolate shavings for the adults in the crowd.

6. Impromptu Dessert
Need a dessert for company…now? Check out your cupboard for possible toppings for a “healthy ice cream sundae bar,” starring Brio. Your guests will love the creativity of making (and eating) their own custom sundaes. Some topping ideas:

  • Granola
  • Dried cereal
  • Dried coconut
  • Dark chocolate chips
  • Chopped walnuts
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Shelled pistachios
  • Unsweetened jelly, warmed slightly and thinned with a bit of water
  • Dried cherries or other dried fruits
  • Dried ginger
  • Hemp hearts
  • Goji berries
  • Fresh fruit or berries
  • Dark chocolate syrup
  • Crumbled gingerbread
  • Dried cranberries

7. Replacement for your afternoon coffee drink
If you’re running short on sleep and miles from Starbucks, you’ll find sweet solace, a bit of caffeine and sustained energy with a bowl of Brio Cafe Latte. Amazingly delicious and healthy, Brio  helps to nourish you and keep you satisfied, all for a modest 145 calories per serving.

8. Quick ice cream sandwiches
Another quickie dessert idea: break out the gift tin of cookies, and make bite-sized ice cream sandwiches using a melon baller to scoop slightly softened Brio ice cream. Refreeze the sandwiches until serving time.


9. Sweet potato latkes with Brio
Create a special Chanukah dessert by making sweet potato latkes (substituting sweet potatoes for regular potatoes in your favorite latke recipe). Include a dash of cinnamon. Top with Brio Vanilla Caramel or Madagascar Vanilla and chopped dried apricots. For an extra sweet treat, drizzle maple syrup or coconut syrup on top. Crepes (now often available pre-made in the grocery store) can also be stuffed with Brio.

10. On-the-go mini meal
Missing a meal in the midst of hectic holiday preparations? Remember that Brio is packed with protein, probiotics, antioxidants, calcium, magnesium and Vitamin D — lots of good stuff to keep you fueled, energized and happy. Brio is convenient to eat, helps keep your blood sugar stable and might just help you avoid demolishing that box of truffles that you purchased as a gift for your boss.

11. Leftover sweet potato shake
Leftover roasted sweet potatoes? Peel ’em, pop ’em in the blender with Brio Vanilla Caramel and a bit of milk, then blend. Add sweetener if you’d like. Rich in Vitamin A and betacarotene this shake satisfies your sweet tooth in a healthy way. It’s just what you need before heading out to go shopping (or even to hit the dreaded customer service line for post-holiday exchanges). Brio’s protein, probiotics and healthy fats can help revitalize your inner elf!

12. Brio as a last minute gift
Order Brio online to be shipped frozen, on dry ice, to your recipient’s home. Our Variety Pack includes two single serves of each of our 6 flavors. Certain to delight! Order here.

Wishing you a happy, healthy, fun and hassle-free holiday season!