Brio Strawberries and Almond Sundae - Brio Ice Cream
Brio Ice Cream is a nutritionally complete, balanced and delicious snack, dessert or nutritional shake alternative.We've given ice cream a healthy makeover! Introducing Brio...a new way to look at ice cream. Creamy, smooth and delicious -- and nutritionally smart. Just 160-170 calories, half the fat, 65 percent less saturated fat,* rich in calcium and antioxidants No artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners Certified gluten free. Non GMO. And low glycemic! Smart, satisfying and nourishing snack, dessert or nutritional shake replacement.
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Brio Strawberries and Almond Sundae

19 Nov Brio Strawberries and Almond Sundae

Fit for Broadway is a blog that celebrates Broadway, fitness, and health. We were so pleased with their review of Brio and their encore-worthy recipe for a strawberry and almond ice cream sundae. Read the blog here.

3 scoops Brio Ice Cream (any flavor!) I used Madagascar Vanilla and Very Strawberry
1 T almond slivers
3 strawberries diced
drizzle of honey!